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108 years happy solitude(108年の幸せな孤独)

 〜The last Japanese immigrants in Cuba, Shimazu miichiro




 “I leave Japan at the age of 20. I wanted to get out of poverty.

However, I could not fulfill my dream of earning money back to Japan.


He is at the mercy of the times. World War II,,,in a person as an enemy citizen, Cuban revolution, Cuban crisis, Collapse of the Soviet Union, Economic crisis,,,

All Cuban history.


“I lived in Cuba for 88 years.

"I am able to live long because I do not have money" , 108 years old


Why was he able to live happily in Cuba?

This book gleamed the figure of the unknown-Japanese -immigrants.

Unparalleled touching-non-fiction!


I love cigarettes. "I have never met an old man who loves cigarettes as much as I do."



Publisher KADOKAWA  





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 Title「108年の幸せな孤独」( Only Japanese publication 2017)



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